About Queen Bee

Welcome to Queen Bee Gardening, for those who love gardening, and those who want to learn how. Queen Bee is a new garden design, creation, maintenance and coaching business based in Beamsville, Ontario, and operated by Master Gardener Marcia Barron. 

Marcia has over 25 years of experience designing, building and maintaining beautiful gardens, including organically grown, healthy edible gardens.

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Did you know that patients in hospital recovered faster if they were able to see green spaces outside their hospital window, or that in Japan, school children are taken on forest walks to improve their state of mind?  Queen Bee's philosophy is that our personal spaces and cities would be greener, and our bodies and minds healthier, if more of us practiced gardening. And if more of us were growing and eating our own food at home, that would make us and our world even healthier.  



Business Goals

Queen Bee's goal is to share the love of gardening with our customers: either through gardening for you, or passing on gardening skills and knowledge to help you become a gardener.